PROMEA's in-house staff, together with our external experts, and the contributions of our members form a team with expertise that can cover the entire cycle of developing a research idea, planning and securing funding for its development, managing the research project, implementing, evaluating, and promoting the prototype solution, and carrying it further all the way to a market mature product and/or service.

Expertise & services


The staff and members of PROMEA comprise an interdisciplinary team of researchers, trainers & educators, ICT professionals, consultants, and managerial as well as administrative executives. The core of our activities revolves around the following:

  • development of original research ideas,
  • design, implementation and analysis of surveys,
  • understanding user needs and requirements,
  • carrying out thematic studies,
  • designing educational services,
  • contributing to the development of educational software, and
  • delivery of training to public and private organisations.

Thematic focus


PROMEA's thematic focus is on the research, development and valorisation of ICT tools & solutions for the benefit of society and in particular in the fields of education, training and serious games. We are interested in advancing the way people teach and learn, by using ICT as an enabling factor for innovation, change and improvement, and blended learning as the best approach for supporting educators and learners while maintaining the human-to-human interaction element.