? PROMEA - Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies



In PROMEA we believe that enhancing and promoting model research & technology processes, managing knowledge, and supporting innovation & technology transfer are the primary factors for development and strengthening the society of knowledge. Coordinating effort and supporting research results, helps avoid unnecessary duplications and promotes optimal use of resources. We invite you to become involved as a researcher, scientist, active citizen, or organisation that can contribute to our work and/or benefit from it.

Ongoing projects



PROMEA is currently managing two EU research projects, and participates as a partner in three more.

In the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme, PROMEA manages one project: The NEBULA project aims to develop a Sector Skills Alliance for training provision and a novel VET program on Cloud Computing Skills.

In the context of the Erasmus+ programme, PROMEA manages the AQUAVET project, which will deliver a VET curriculum and training materials on water efficiency technologies for water technicians in Europe.

PROMEA also participates as a partner in the NAMA project, which will develop formal and informal training resources to improve the numerical skills of workers in the Advanced Manufacturing industry. Two more Erasmus+ projects that were recently approved and in which PROMEA participates as a partner are COSMET, aiming to improve emerging technologies' skills of construction site managers and IMPADA, aiming to improve the adult education provision in the EU.

Past projects



PROMEA was the project manager of the eTrees project, that aimed to improve the communication skills of the European workforce through the development of games based learning tools. PROMEA was also involved as a partner in the LUDUS project. The purpose of LUDUS was to develop a network of stakeholders interested in developing and using Serious Games (i.e. software or hardware developed using gaming principles and design, but having as primary purpose a goal different that entertainment) in the area of South East Europe

Turning ideas into projects


We always look, discuss and develop new research ideas, primary related to the field of communication and training. We coordinate or implement as project partners in projects in the Erasmus+ programme, in the Transnational and Interregional Co-operation Programmes, as well as in the Horizon2020 programme . When developing proposals, we have a very active role in terms of drafting, often being the co-ordinators or sole drafters. Our experienced interdisciplinary team allows us to develop to a very high quality standard all areas of a project proposal.