PROMEA is a non-profit society, based in Athens, Greece, aiming at promoting and supporting research & development methodologies, and particularly those related to innovation in communicating and learning.

History, vision & mission


PROMEA was founded in 2006 by researchers & scientists sharing the common interest and vision of promoting research & development methodologies in Greece and in Europe, and the higher purpose of promoting the society of knowledge.

Since 2006, it has been growing in terms of members and staff, getting involved in National and European research projects.

PROMEA's vision is to promote knowledge and learning in the society through relevant research endeavours and the development of innovative ICT based learning methodologies, such as serious games.

We focus on:

  • Developing and sharing knowledge
  • Making research a tool for societal transformation
  • Building a knowledge society with equal opportunities for all
  • Strengthening civil society
  • Promoting open standards, open source software, and content

Organisational structure


Being a society, our members are the core of our organisation. PROMEA’s members include researchers, academics, education professionals, NGO officers, natural & environmental scientists, engineers, software developers, economists, entrepreneurs, public & private sector employees.

PROMEA is managed by a Board of Directors, whose members are directly decided by vote of majority of the General Assembly.